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April 3, 2024
Product Updates

Revolutionizing On-site Badge Printing With Wireless Networks

Revolutionizing On-site Badge Printing With Wireless Networks

PheedLoop’s award-winning on-site badge printing has always been a sought-after feature for face-to-face events. With the ability to print by using the Direct Ethernet Line for the internet, it handles printing thousands of badges, enables swift check-in for attendees within seconds, and delivers a seamless event experience. 

If you’ve been following along with PheedLoop’s newsletter over the last little while, you’ll know that we’re committed to continuously surpassing customer expectations, even with industry-leading features. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that PheedLoop Rented Printers are now able to connect with Wireless Internet connections for badge printing! 

Let’s discuss how this newfound flexibility can benefit you for your upcoming events!

Unlock Seamless Badge Printing On PheedLoop With Dedicated Wireless Internet Sources 

With our newly released Wireless Networks feature, badge printing has never been easier! To access this feature, you must rent the printers from Pheedloop, enabling you to print wirelessly from any device - iOS, Android, or web browser! 

But that’s not all! This feature gives you the confidence to print badges securely as you can use a password-protected WPA2 PSK internet source, providing an extra layer of security for both you and your attendees!

While we highly recommend using the ethernet line for badge printing as it proves to be a more reliable source, we are thrilled to introduce this newfound flexibility to our valued community of users! This development empowers our customers with greater control over how they would like to run their events, allowing them to create a seamless event experience specific to their needs. 

Leverage A Budget-Friendly Badge Printing Solution With Wireless Internet Sources

Not only does our Wireless Networks feature streamline the badge printing process, but it also provides event planners with a cost-effective solution compared to the traditional hardwired internet configuration. Securing internet at a venue can be notoriously expensive with ethernet drops oftentimes being priced the highest.

Eliminating the need for additional equipment and cables enables event planners to save on setup and maintenance costs by using existing infrastructure at the event venue. This advantage allows event planners to allocate their finances more efficiently, optimizing their budget for other aspects of their events.

Wrap Up

The newly introduced Wireless Networks feature for PheedLoop Rented Printers represents our ongoing commitment to providing our customers unmatched flexibility in managing their events and industry-leading technology. As we continue to innovate, stay tuned for many more exciting features in the works. Until then, be sure to follow us on social media to receive the latest updates!

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