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May 4, 2023
Product Updates

NEW Improvements to On-Site Badge Printing!

NEW Improvements to On-Site Badge Printing!

May Promotion Alert!

Before we delve into the new features, we’d like to inform you of our exciting May Promo. All PheedLoop customers (new or returning) who sign an agreement by the end of this month will receive a FREE On-Site Check-in Power-Up for use at an upcoming event. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of PheedLoop's on-site badge printing system and all of its benefits. 

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On-site events are back in full swing and Team PheedLoop is extremely excited to continue innovating on our on-site badge printing system. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the on-site check-in process and have a number of new features to demonstrate. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the latest updates to our on-site badge printing system that will make your life as an event administrator much easier!

Set Default Badge Label Templates on a Per Printer Basis

As you may already know, you can create multiple badge label templates in PheedLoop that can be used for on-site badge printing. This feature is commonly used if you want to print specific sets of information for different audience groups. For example, you may want to print different badge details for exhibitors, attendees, and staff members.

To make things even easier for event administrators to set up the on-site printing configuration, PheedLoop now allows you to set default badge templates to be used on a per printer basis. This means that if you have a designated Exhibitor Check-in for your event, you can set those printers to print out the Exhibitor-Specific Badge Label template created in the dashboard. This feature saves you time and ensures that you have the right badge label template for each group of attendees.

Preview Your Badge Label Template Before Printing

PheedLoop's Badge Label Template Designer is an excellent tool to design the badge label's content that gets printed. However, if you want to see how a badge label will look with a specific attendee’s information, you would typically need to wait until your rented badge printers arrive to do some test prints. But now, you can see a preview on your laptop by downloading a PDF version of the badge label on a per attendee basis. This is an effective way to see how the badge label will look on the actual badge itself, and to ensure that your design is to your liking.

All event administrators now have the ability to print a badge label template PDF via the Attendee Tab of the dashboard. This feature allows you to make sure that your badge label design is looking perfect before confirming your order.

Set Custom Text on Badge Label Templates

PheedLoop has increased the number of custom fields in the Badge Label designer. This includes adding City, State, and Attendee Internal Code. But one powerful feature is the ability to set custom text inside the badge label itself. If you are using multiple Badge Label Templates, this is a great feature to utilize if you want to highlight specific information on the badge that is standard for all attendees being printed with this template.

For example, you could have the word “EXHIBITOR” in big letters set on the bottom of your Badge Label Template that is catered for attendees that are tagged as exhibitors. This feature saves time and ensures that all attendees have the necessary information on their badge label.

Add Custom Images on Badge Label Templates

One feature that isn’t well known among customers is the ability to add images to your Badge Label Template. Please note that these images added will print in black and white. As a result, we recommend simple designs. Some common examples we’ve seen are customers adding their organization’s or sponsor’s logos. This is a great way to add some additional flair to your badge label since including your organization and sponsor’s branding helps add a professional touch to your event!

Closing Thoughts 

With PheedLoop's new on-site badge printing features, event administrators can streamline the check-in process and ensure that attendees receive correct badges quickly. The ability to set default badge templates on a per printer basis, preview badge label templates, set custom text and images, and add custom images to the badge label templates is sure to enhance the overall user experience. PheedLoop is committed to providing innovative solutions for event management and will continue to introduce new features to meet the needs of event planners and administrators. Please continue to share your feedback with us as we put out more updates in the future and don’t forget to take advantage of our May Promo! 

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