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February 16, 2023
Product Updates

Introducing PheedLoop’s NEW Interactive Maps Module!

Introducing PheedLoop’s NEW Interactive Maps Module!

As event professionals, we all know how crucial it is to have clear and easy-to-understand instructions for the participants at your event. This is why PheedLoop has offered several options for venue maps and floor plans over the years. Maps are the backbone of your event - guiding participants through the venue and ensuring they have a stress-free experience. 

We’ve been hard at work over the past few months consolidating our various navigation systems (Venue Maps, Seat Plans and Exhibitor Floor Plans) and are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Interactive Maps Module - a game-changing step up from the previous Interactive Floor Plan and Seat Plan Power-Ups that clients of PheedLoop have been using to manage their on-site event experiences since 2015.  

While the old Interactive Floor Plan and Seat Planner was robust in functionality, the new Maps Module is sure to take your events to the next level with enhanced interactivity, increased customizability, and an easy-to-use interface. In this product post, we’ll be unpacking the new and exciting features that PheedLoop’s Interactive Maps Module has to offer, and how it can revolutionize your event planning experience going forward!

Consolidated Interactive Maps

Previously, our Interactive Floor Plan Power-Up was only mapped to exhibitors and their booths in your Exhibit Hall. Event managers were required to separate the exhibit hall floor plan from their regular venue map which meant that they were juggling multiple maps for different aspects of an event.

With this product update, clients of PheedLoop can consolidate interactive maps for all floors and sections of their venue and connect them to sessions, exhibitors and seat plans within a single master navigation system in the Event Website and Mobile App. 

This means that there is no need to upload PNGs of your venue map to the Event Website or Mobile Event App - you now have the ability to create and edit maps for any aspect of your event, whether it be the Exhibit Hall, Session Rooms, Seat Plans, or the entire Venue as a whole. Attendees will have the option to pan around on the map and click on a room or booth to call forth information on which sessions or exhibitors are associated with that location on the map!

Increased Functionality for the Event Admin

The Maps Editor is simpler, more intuitive, and easier to use than ever before! With new perks such as autosaving, event managers can avoid mistakes and ensure that everything is saved in real-time. The Module also includes an SVG import feature, which allows event managers to import floor plans received from venues, giving them a head start on the planning process.

We even expanded existing features by adding more capabilities to them! For example:

  • New Text customization options (i.e. Font, Color, Size, etc.)
  • Customize the Stroke, Fill, Opacity, and Rotation of objects
  • Assign your objects in the Editor itself (i.e. Booths, Room Locations), as opposed to assigning them outside the Editor previously 
  • Arrange the order of objects (i.e. Bring to Front, Send to Back, Send Backwards, etc.)
  • Group multiple objects together for easier editing
  • Customize the Snap to Grid by Size (in pixels) 

Overall, the new Interactive Maps Editor offers significantly more customization options, bringing a whole new set of features and interactivity to your events. The Maps Editor also offers an array of advanced Tools and features such as Bulk Editing, Grouping, Image Uploads, the ability to Add Labels to Objects, Creating Objects within the Builder Itself, and so much more!

Increased Functionality for the Attendee

PheedLoop's Floor Plan Module isn't just designed for event admins - it's designed to enhance the attendee experience as well, with an easier-to-navigate Event App and Website. Attendees can click into booths and rooms without leaving the Map View, making it easier to explore different areas of the event. The cleaner, more intuitive interface on the website allows attendees to access all maps in one area, eliminating the need to click through into different sections.

Additionally, the hover feature in the Event Website allows attendees to see which booth or room an exhibitor or session is in, making it easier to find what they’re looking for! The search capability in both the Event App and Website makes it even simpler for attendees to find where in the venue their starred exhibitors and sessions are located. 


With the launch of this feature, we will be sunsetting our Interactive Floor Plan and Seat Planner Power-Ups. Now, clients are able to access both of those systems with expanded functionality and upgrades through our Interactive Maps Module. Like all other modules offered by PheedLoop, this follows the standard per-user pricing model to offer you the simplest and most affordable on the market! To learn more about pricing, visit our public pricing page here

Coming Soon!

The Interactive Maps Module also connects with PheedLoop’s Meeting Booking and Seat Planner features, with more improvements to come in the future. Through the Meeting Booking feature, attendees can schedule one-on-one meetings with event participants directly from the interactive map, making it even easier to network and connect. Connected to the Seat Planner, attendees can now reserve their seats at galas, dinners and sessions from within the map, eliminating the need for separate registration workflows.

Wrap Up

PheedLoop’s new Interactive Maps Module provides event managers and attendees with a simpler, more intuitive, and significantly more powerful event mapping experience. With consolidated interactive maps, floor plans and seat planners along with increased functionality for the event admin and attendee, the Maps Module is a valuable addition to any event planning toolkit! We encourage event managers to try out PheedLoop’s new Maps Module and see how it can enhance their event planning and attendee experience going forward! 

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For more information, please send us a pricing request on or reach out to to learn more!

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