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March 6, 2024
Product Updates

Enhance Team Collaboration With PheedLoop’s Latest Feature - Private Notes for Registration Management!

Enhance Team Collaboration With PheedLoop’s Latest Feature - Private Notes for Registration Management!

Collaboration is a key aspect of event planning, especially when it comes to managing registrations. At PheedLoop, we are aware that many of our customers handle bulk attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor sign-ups with several people registering at once. With this in mind, we’re incredibly excited to introduce a new integration to our platform where PheedLoop users are now able to create internal registration notes within our platform when managing registrations! 

This new addition to PheedLoop empowers our community of users to foster seamless collaboration across their teams while elevating their registration management process to new heights. 

Let’s explore how you can leverage the power of private notes to optimize registration management within your team!

Customize Your Event Management Experience with Private Registration Notes 

PheedLoop’s latest Private Notes for Registration Management feature allows event admins to create notes associated with each registration. It’s simple - you can add notes within the Event Dashboard! 

Here’s the fun part: these notes remain confidential to event administrators and will never be visible to the registrants, providing a secure and effective way to capture internal notes. This feature can be incredibly useful if there are certain requirements, preferences or restrictions that registrants might have that need to be implemented on the day of the event. 

But that’s not all! You can add, change or delete notes and it will be updated in real-time across the platform for all members of your team, ensuring everyone stays on track with the event planning process. From coordinating action items to enhancing internal communication, this feature elevates your event planning process to new heights!

Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making with Exportable Registration Notes

Aside from leaving notes on certain registrations, the Change and Edit Email Feature also allows you to export the Data Report in an XLS file! With this newfound flexibility, you have the confidence to track the analytics of your registrations and make data-driven decisions, ensuring your event garners optimal results! Plus, you can generate reports in real-time which provides a seamless way to track updates or changes manually within PheedLoop. 

Wrap Up

The introduction of the Private Notes for Registration Management feature is an indicator of our ongoing commitment to empowering our valued community of users with cutting-edge technology, all within a user-friendly interface. As PheedLoop continues to advance on this exciting journey of developing our platform, we invite you to join us and anticipate the exciting developments we have in store in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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