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September 6, 2023
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PheedLoop Customer Case Study: Canadian Evaluation Society (CES)

PheedLoop Customer Case Study: Canadian Evaluation Society (CES)

For this week’s Customer Spotlight, we had the privilege of sitting down with Benoit Gauthier, a prominent member of The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), to dive into their remarkable journey with PheedLoop. This case study sheds light on CES's digital transformation and their experiences with using PheedLoop as their event management platform. 

Introduction to CES and Their Mission

Benoit Gauthier, a dedicated program evaluator, introduced us to The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES). CES is a professional association comprising individuals who analyze public policy and government programs to assess their value. With over 1,700 members and a 43-year history, CES plays a pivotal role in advancing research methods and connecting with clients, primarily in the government sector. While the name CES may sound familiar, it's important to clarify that it stands for The Canadian Evaluation Society, not to be confused with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Choosing PheedLoop Over the Competition

Benoit recalled their initial encounter with PheedLoop in 2021 when they ventured into the world of virtual conferences. The pivotal moment for CES came in 2020 when they had to pivot to an online conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They evaluated 11 different event management platforms, with PheedLoop emerging as one of the top contenders. The decision to choose PheedLoop over the competition was influenced by several factors, including its strong language support and its Canadian roots, aligning perfectly with CES's bilingual requirements.

Favorite Features and PheedLoop's Role in CES Events

During the conversation, Benoit shed light on the features of PheedLoop that CES found most valuable. In their 2021 virtual conference, they utilized PheedLoop's tools for virtual conferencing and seamless integration with Zoom. They also made extensive use of PheedLoop's social features. However, the real transformation occurred in 2023 when they signed a three-year contract with PheedLoop. Their main goal was to provide delegates with the ability to build their own personalized conference programs from a pool of around 200 events. This feature was crucial for CES, given the complexity of their conference with numerous concurrent sessions.

Solving Problems and Achieving Results 

Benoit emphasized the importance of using an event management platform like PheedLoop to eliminate paper and provide a single source of up-to-date information to delegates. Accessibility across various devices was a key criterion for them. PheedLoop delivered on this promise, ensuring that every delegate could access their account without any issues. Moreover, the take-up of the PheedLoop app increased significantly from 40% in 2022 (when they were not using PheedLoop) to 75% in 2023, indicating that delegates found PheedLoop accessible and user-friendly.

Looking to the Future 

When asked about future plans and improvements, Benoit mentioned their desire to tap into more aspects of PheedLoop, such as the call for proposals and review systems. They also expressed interest in integrating the registration system. However, technical challenges with interfacing their association management system have been a constraint. Nevertheless, they are determined to explore more features of PheedLoop to enhance their conference management process!

Benoit's Favorite Thing About PheedLoop

In a bonus question, Benoit shared his favorite aspect of PheedLoop. Besides the crucial language support, he praised PheedLoop's speed and reliability. He highlighted how tasks in PheedLoop, from importing data to searching for information, were exceptionally fast compared to other systems. This speed and reliability were a significant boon for a data enthusiast like Benoit.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, CES's journey with PheedLoop has been one of transformation and success. PheedLoop's user-friendly features, robust support, and commitment to accessibility have made it an invaluable partner in CES's mission to advance the field of program evaluation in Canada. With their three-year contract in place, CES and PheedLoop look forward to a future of continued collaboration and success in the world of events and conferences.

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